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1st of januari 2014

1. about ninacity is a project of designer nina. Nina works in Ninacity, Elisabeth Wolffstraat 58-bg, 1053 TV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Trade Register nr. 34226144 in Amsterdam. Ninacity was founded in the year 2005.

2. intellectual property

The website is copyrighted. This copyright applies to nina's products, as well as to the name, photography, logo and text. Nothing on this website may be reproduced without written consent by Ninacity. Nina is a happy user of Joomla and CMS lounge.

3. privacy

To buy nina's products, you have to register by making an account. You can log in and keep track of your account. You can also subscribe to nina's newsletter. In any case Ninacity uses customer data exclusively for transactions with the customer. It does not share customer information with third parties without the explicit consent of the customer. If you wish your account to be removed, please send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you don't want to receive the newsletter anymore, please unsubscribe at

4. jurisdiction

Dutch law applies to all of ninacity transactions.


This website is maintained with great care and attention and is regularly updated. It is, however, possible that the disclosed information is incomplete or will contain mistakes. Ninacity can not be held responsible for information and/or messages from this website forwarded by users on the internet.

Purchasing terms and conditions, 1st of january 2014

Purchasing terms and conditions are in effect as of the date at at the moment of ordering. They are valid for all Ninacity orders (website and studio) unless a written exception is made. Ninacity can not be held responsible for information or printed, spelling, or photo errors made where an inaccurate price is given. Should this happen, mistakes will be adjusted as quickly as possible.

1. prices

Nina's prices shown on the website do not include sales tax and shipping costs. Prices vary for different sizes. All products are hand-made. Custom-made possibilities and prices are given on request. Prices subject to fluctuation.

2. payment options 

Nina only accepts payment in advance. Dutch orders can be paid by bank/giro on ING (Postbank) account: 4292147 in name of J.C. van Rooijen, Amsterdam. Make sure you fill in the productname and productcode. International orders can only be paid through paypal. After payment your order will be processed.

3. ordering


4. custom orders

Customized possibilities and prices are given on request, depending on your wishes. There is an extra charge of 5€ for custom orders. Colour combinations & sizes are limited due to availability of scrap material. Nina will send a picture of the colour combination and will send a confirmation e-mail after reaching agreement with the customer. In this confirmation e-mail you will find the agreed specifications of the product, total costs, expected delivery time and payment instructions. It is not possible to return customized products. Unless the product is very different from the agreed specifications. A deviation of 1 cm from the agreed size falls within agreed specifications.

5. shipping

All orders are treated and handled with care. Please note that nina is not liable for damage or theft or loss during shipping. The shipment can be insured on request, costs are for the customer. Nina is using TPG post for shipping. Shipping costs are determined by the products weight and shape and where it has to be sent. For international orders, international shipping rates are applicable.

6. return policy

Nina's collection consists of small quantities of hand-made and unique pieces. Products are made out of vintage, used and new materials using whatever is available, recycling where possible. The products are not mass-produced. Each product is unique in its combination of colours and materials since natural materials have their own variations which add to the unique character of the garment. For that reason nina can not give any guarantee on the materials used. Nina's products are, however, guaranteed against manufacturers defects. It is important to follow the care instructions though!

-Products may be returned within 7 days after receiving products, only if nina is notified by e-mail.

-Shipping charges are paid for by the customer.

-In case of refund, paypal costs made by nina (0,35 eurocents +3,4% of total costs) are paid for by the customer.

-Postage must be fully paid on returned goods.

-Nina will only accept products that are returned in their original condition. Please make sure products are sufficiently protected (against rain!) when sending them back.

-If these conditions are met, nina will refund the purchase price (minus shipping charges and paypal fees where applicable), or exchange goods within reasonable limits.

7. unforseeable circumstances

In case of unforseeable circumstances, nina may not be able to meet agreements. Extreme conditions include mail disruptions, serious illness etcetera....