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scrap products should not be washed! The scrap collection is made out of coloured scrap leather and suede and metal snaps. Not a combination suitable for washing!

dirty? Clean with a soft brush and a damp, soft cloth. Clean suede with a special suede-brush. A scrubby dishwashing sponge will also do! For oily spots use cornmeal or talcum powder. Rub it in, leave it for several hours and brush off. To get rid of other spots a normal pencil eraser will sometimes do the trick.

leather dressing              leather spray

take care! All vintage/recycled leather is cleaned or brushed (suede) before assembling. All new scraps are not. nina advises you to spray*  the leather/suede before use to make it dirt-and waterproof.                                                     

* use a spray suitable for leather and suede